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My name is John Mark Francia. I am, a Filipino. I find it hard to name things I hate (because i barely hate anything). I'm 18 and I don't mind being shy.I try my best at everything and never fear failure because I believe that there is a reason for everything

posted : Sunday, October 21, 2012


I studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Our Lady of Fatima University, Quezon City and graduated in 2012. Being a Nursing student is really difficult, and honestly it was not even my passion to take care of someone who is not related to me. It is not even in the list of my dream professions, and I didn’t even know how I landed on this course. God’s plan? I think so. It was 2008 when I enrolled in OLFU. My plan was to take an Engineering course, and to my disappointment, it was not in the courses the university offer, so I ended with the Nursing course. First year subjects were so High School, aside from the added subject which is Theoretical Foundation of Nursing. Second year is a bit unforgiving; there are those subjects that annoy me particularly Microbiology and Parasitology, Biochemistry and Nutrition and Dietetics. But during that school year, the Capping and Pinning Ceremony was held and it entitled us to attend Hospital and Community duties, which spiced up my enthusiasm over my course. It became even more exciting when we were dispersed into various hospitals, meeting patients, Clinical Instructors and staffs who were very nice to us. The highlight of my third year life was the experience in Mariveles Mental Hospital in Bataan. We stayed there for a week, and in that little time, I finally realized that my course is so special that it understands every bit of changes in the normal physiology and behavior of a person. It is like a supernatural power that we can actually comfort and improve the health of mentally-ill patients through communication. Yes, I am referring about Therapeutic communication :”> It is not the drug that is important, or the daily vital signs, offering yourself is already enough for the patient. It enable them to feel that there is someone beside them that is ready to give care, to listen to their dilemmas and to give them a feeling of security that no one could ever harm them while they are in our supervision.

I can say that we are one of the busiest college students. We have jammed pack lectures for 3 days, and we are in the hospital or community for another 3 days. Apparently, we only have Sunday to catch a rest but most of the time; we allot our free days to study for exams. (That’s probably the reason why Nursing students look older compared to others) Nursing is a ladderized one, you start with the easiest then it becomes hyper as you step to the next level.  The hardest part is undoubtedly the 4th year! You are like a contestant in a hurdle game wherein you need to be successful in passing all the obstacles before you reach the finish line. It is not a guarantee that if you reached your last year, you are sure with your Graduation. Aside from the Prelims, Midterms, Pre-Finals and Finals, you have Comprehensive Examination or better known as COMPRE or CA2 Final. If you are not a passer, then you will have to take the TCAP or the Removals for your second chance. If you didn’t pass it, then you have to re-enroll the subject next semester and say “Bye bye” to your Graduation L For passers, they attend the Intensive Practicum, a special Monday-Sunday review classes until the QUALIFYING EXAMINATION. Failure to pass that 500 item exam, usually taken for 2 days will not permit you to take the Board Examination. Nursing is all about critical thinking, examinations, decision-making, prioritization.... what's more?

Luckily, I was able to pass all the hurdles, but I have a one last difficult step to pass on. It is every Nursing student’s dream to pass the Licensure Examination for Nursing, and I keep on telling myself, I WILL PASS THE BOARD EXAM! I have to take the last step before I get my license and able to add an ‘RN’ to my surname without a touch of misdemeanor.

I’ve been studying Nursing for over 4 years now. I already experienced various areas in the hospital and able to see the real life. Hospital is usually the site where life and death meet. We are one of the witnesses of that single best creation of life, DEATH. Though we are not allowed to show much of sympathy to our dying patients, well at least we could give their life a peaceful ending. Through those years, I was able to love this course and accept that this is what God wants me to become.
Our Lady of Fatima University-Quezon City
(shot from NBR Building -Regalado)

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