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posted : Sunday, August 18, 2013
title : Passing the Nursing Board Examination

            Nursing profession is performing of an act or activities, guided by a unique body of knowledge, training or by experience and ethical code, for a fee or compensation of nursing services to various clients—families, individuals and communities in all setting and stages of development for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering.

But how can you fulfill this big responsibility if you are incompetent and unsuitable for this career? That is probably the reason why nursing students are required to take the ride to hell disguised as examinations, toxic duties and tons of dilemmas before taking the ride to heaven.

I am pretty much aware that a lot of students took this course because of its opportunities abroad. Of course, the hypocrites say they want to help people and continue the legacy of the great Florence Nightingale, or to apply the theories of Dorothea Orem and Jean Watson. Some might also be dreaming they want to amend Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Theory or Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory. But me, I say, I want to earn money in the fastest possible way to help my parents be freed from diseases they may acquire from working very hard to give us the best they can bestow. 

Preparing for the Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination or locally known as Board Exam is the most difficult part, because people who are not used in strict way of studying will hardly take time to sit and read lot of books and answer thousands of practice questions. I believe that the more prepared you’ll be, the higher the chance of passing because the board is a not a battle of intelligence, but of readiness. Of course, overflowing will and determination for the license is badly needed. It is very helpful that you allow yourself a day to think and reflect of the things that welcome you once you passed or failed the exam. Think of the fact that you need to uplift yourself and believe that you can catch that letters R and N, attach it in your name free of misdemeanor and practice the profession as humanely as possible. You also have to make you proud of yourself, and believe that you can make it because you cannot make others believe in you if you, yourself don’t. You need to realize that you may not reach the stars; forget about topping the exam, you just need to secure the license to make your trek worthy. Always remember that before you make others proud of you, be proud of yourself first. Think of yourself, your family, your neighbors and the billion people in the world, their life is already at your hand.

I started reviewing my notes on February 4, 2013. At first it was really hard, because there are lot of temptations. Television is there, laptop, cell phone, malls; they are all lures that’s going to make you lazy in studying. Of course, you need not to punish yourself by studying all day; you just need to allot few hours to learn. Time management is very important here, so I made a schedule from February 4 to May 29, and allot my remaining 3 days to visit all the churches I could, to reach out for help and guidance. Weeks after reviewing every day, I felt so obsessed in it that I could not sleep at night without reading at least 10-15 pages. The result? I became advance in my schedule, well it’s a good thing just in case I miss to study a day due to unforeseen circumstances.

The board examination was rescheduled to June 2-3, 2013 by the Board of Nursing. Well, it’s a big deal because they have taken a month from us. In that span of time, I could even read the whole Brunner. My examination place was St. Paul College along Pedro Gil in Manila. The ambiance is good, perfect for exam takers. It is air-conditioned, and is very clean. On the first day, I felt really sad because of NP2 and NP3. That moment I was answering NP3, my dreams of passing the exam is starting to crash. I can’t remember any lessons I know, and I almost cursed that Irritable Bowel Syndrome. On the next day, I felt quite happy because of NP4 and NP5 which I think I did really well.

A week after the board exam, an article stating that the result would be released by June 17 was spreading real fast over the internet. Because of the number of examinees which is almost 38,000 it would be released sooner. That was a pretty convincing explanation but on that day, the results never came. Another article stated that it would be released on June 28 or June 29 and then July 1 and then July 5. I was tired of waiting because I want that anxiety to be over! On July 7, 2013 a text message, a facebook status and a twitter update state that the results will be posted midnight at the PRC Building but will be opened to the public by 8AM, as soon as the office opens for Monday. I was convinced, but I did not take it serious.

JULY 8, 2013. I was in our office in Pacifichub Corporation when someone texted me a “CONGRATULATIONS” message. That time, I knew it was about the Board Examination. I screamed really loud in the cafeteria, I didn’t care who’s or how many people are there. I just wanted to shout. Lot of text messages confirmed that I made it. Right after, I immediately texted my parents and my sister to tell the good news. My dreams turned into reality, yes RN NA AKO! I supposed to go on lunch that time because I felt really hungry during the training, but I wasn’t able to eat because of excitement. Now I know the feeling of those people who pass the licensure exam. I was exhilarating, palpitating and catching breath. Is that what I should really feel? I don’t know. If only I don’t have work that time, I would go immediately to the church and thank God for the greatest blessing I receive this 2013.

Well, I have friends who didn’t make it but just a simple thought; don’t let that sink in to your mind. There will be lot of chances and there will come a time that the license will be the one pulling you, just don’t give up on it. God is planning for a perfect timing, that license will be yours soon.

Nursing Practice I82 (Well I am expecting a higher grade on this because this is the easiest for me)
Nursing Practice II85 (I didn’t know what happened here. I am not expecting an 8th grade, maybe a 6th or 7th. On this NP, I am only sure to my 5 answers about Herbal Meds, so that 80 points additional is a miracle)
Nursing Practice III78 ( This part was the hardest! I almost give up while answering those questions on this NP. Well, God is so powerful that he led my pencil to the correct options)
Nursing Practice IV- 72 (I felt comfortable with this NP because it’s the easiest next to NP1, but look at my score. HAHA.)
Nursing Practice V80 (Well, I know I really did well at this NP)


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